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Francesca Sacco and the poetry of collage

Francesca Sacco was born in Genoa in 1984, since she was a child she expressed her creativity through drawing using the paper blocks for continuous modul that the father typographer brought home. Sheets in succession that tell stories of mermaids, castles, fantastic animals, secret paths under the trees, all developed horizontally like a film. It is no coincidence that after finishing high school Francesca approaches the Cinema, combining her passion for storytelling with that of photography, she graduates in Photography Management where staging no longer takes place on sequential sheets of paper but in front of the camera. However, the need to express oneself through images remains incomplete and this is how collage arrives. The desire to recompose, to put back in place what had previously separated, the excruciating force of keeping together not only personal, not only internal, life stories, but to put your ear on the external world and to put the stories on the same set of the human daily. Thus was born his work, from the democratic idea of combining different elements willing to coexist in the symbolic space of the painting. Here Genoa, the protagonist stage of Francesca's life, offers herself as an inspiring muse and experimentation bench to showcase the collage.

Architectural elements such as columns, balconies, arches, windows, doors, cornices and roofs find a new space in the story, bringing together ancient and modern, luxury and misery, inhabited and abandoned to the unexpected detail of everyday life, to the gypsy who plays, to the "cat in love that stray goes away ”, to the timeless signs of the shops and shops of the historic centers, to the clothes hanging like curtains on the lives of those who live inside those houses that express their indestructible fragility through the fragment. And it is precisely the fragmentation of daily life that comes out of Francesca's works, winking at our album of memories, those that bind us to our city or to the one we visited during a trip, to give body to artistic and personal research. Recompose the enchantment of daily life as when we collect the pieces of the dream just finished in the morning and try to tell it. Remnants of memory that write a new story.

Francesca's works are an invitation to the search for truth through attention to detail. The fragment, the cutout, is the true protagonist, he is the one who narrates and he who keeps the story of the whole. the imperfect, the irregular, the fragile balance of the vertical cities that piece by piece implore us to be looked at with curious and attentive eyes.

Francesca Sacco - Gestures - 014.jpg

"The idea of collage comes from the need to give a new role to the “detail”. What once was part of an image becomes a lead protagonist in a new story. Photography is mixed with paper of sent and lost letters, to newspapers peeled and aged, random numbers and post-it maybe pinned here a there. In my works there is not only my hand but also the one of those who stopped the time by taking that picture or who has pinned that number on that paper. An apparent randomness brings together aesthetics and feelings weaving unknown lives together"

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