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Francesca Sacco - Paper worker

Proud to be part of Homo Faber curated by Michelangelo Foundation, take a look...

Thank you, Genoa

  • Francesca creates storytelling collages

  • Her hometown is her main source of inspiration

  • Her practice includes both digital and handmade artworks

Francesca Sacco’s signature collages depict the profile of a city and express a chaotic harmony, where uneven details seem to meet by chance to create an unexpected landscape. The truth is that there is nothing random in her works, which are the result of precise and conscious choices and technical mastery by the artist. When Francesca tells her personal story, there is a similar emotion. In her own words, randomness always played a key role in her life, but her story is clear and coherent nonetheless. Daughter of a typographer, Francesca started playing with paper when she was a child and studied photography and cinema, which she says met her need to express her creativity through storytelling. She eventually found her way in collage-making and, thanks to Genoa, has a wealth of works to share.

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